What's clean garbage ?

Garbage with recyclables materials that daily every single person in the world produce

plastic, paper, , metal, glass, packages, boxes,

damaged products, DVDs, CDs, computer and electronic devices


Step by step

Suggested procedure

Start collecting the clean garbage.
Divulge the project between relatives, friends, neighborhood, ambient groups and so
Choose the place to build the Sculpture. Better if is a school, university or public place.

Choose the person, or artist of group of artists who will create the sculpture.
He / They will be responsible for everything related with it like the maintenance

Organize meetings at the school, university or wherever you think is ok, and talk to the people inviting them to join it.

Tell them to carry the 22th the Clean Garbage to the place where the sculpture will be built.

Invite the kids to place ideas about ways to recycle. Give a recognition to the better ideas. Publish the ideas in this blog. Those ideas could be applied in the other side of the Earth.

Choose carefully the right way to recycle the material when the exhibition finish: built small recycling business, or actual person or business to give or sell them.

keep in mind


Find a place nearby to temporally storage the clean garbage that won’t be used in the sculpture, or when the exhibition finish, before giving it to the person who will recycle it.

The artist or somebody must be responsible for contact the person who will be the “recycler” to pick up quickly the material not used if the quantity collected is very big.